For the Grit and the Glory

Josh Katzman

Josh Katzman
After DNFing at the 2007 Stone Cat 50 (his first race ever), Josh came back to win it in 2011. A strong presence in New England ultrarunning, Josh holds many course records in the area, and in 2012 he began tackling 100 milers on a national level, with solid results at Rocky Raccoon and Western States. In the end, what drives him is less about the racing and more about the lifestyle of running: he sold his car in 2008 so that he could run to/from work, where he gets many comments about his shorty shorts and the fact that he runs no matter the weather (“I’ve got to get home somehow!”). A teacher in the Boston Public Schools, Josh has started informal running clubs with his students, and is also the Co-Race Director for the Trail Animals Running Club Trail Series, a trail/ultra series in the Boston area. His favorite runs though are those with his two sons, who are 6 and 4. His favorite shoe is the Trailroc 245, which he wears on any terrain from roads to rugged mountain trails.
Favorite Shoe:X-Talon 212 X-talon 212 200

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