Team inov-8

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We are proud to be represented by some of the most #committed athletes out there- quiet heroes and heroines in a spectrum of disciplines: trail runners, CrossFitters, ultra runners, orienteers, obstacle racers, adventure runners, acro-yoga extraordinaires. Each with very different stories but each with the same motivation, the same challenges the same goals- of exploring and competing at the edges of their capabilities.

You’ll notice we have all kinds of sports, people and regions represented here. That is our intent. Before you flip past a story, or past a picture of an athlete who doesn’t look exactly like you or train exactly like you- challenge yourself-to see- that that athlete is just like you, filled with drive and passion. Relish in their successes as you know what that feels like. Learn from their challenges- realize that in some way you face those same challenges. Our goal is to unite all of you through your passion, to bring together all #committed athletes.

Athletes by Sport:

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