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HURT 100

March 7, 2014

Yassine Diboun placed 4th this past January in the HURT 100 in Hawaii.


Photo by: Angel King

“There is so much time in 100-milers to think about life, to reflect, and to celebrate what we love. There are also times where you think about rational choices and decisions you are making. You know…that little voice in the back of your head? Although sometimes thinking too much- being too “cerebral”, can actually be your worst enemy in ultra running. In these endurance events you  have to turn off the rational mind. Often times you have to lie to yourself, constantly talk positively to yourself, visualize, and break the race down into smaller, more digestible chunks. You have to also remind yourself how good it feels to cross the finish line of a 100-miler, and how hollow you feel when you quit.”

For the race, Yassine wore the Trailroc 245: http://bit.ly/1cgU0w0

Read the full blog post: http://animalathleticspdx.com/hurt100-race-report/

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